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Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus

Elite Rated by FundCalibre

Invesco is widely considered to be one of the UK’s best bond houses and this fund is its flagship fixed income product. The fund has a flexible mandate and is designed to offer investors broad exposure to the UK fixed income market and provide a high level of income. Unlike many of its sector peers, it can also invest up to 20% in UK equities, using Invesco’s considerable equity income expertise.

Company Description

Founded in 1969, Invesco Perpetual forms part of Invesco Ltd, a global independent investment management company with more than 740 dedicated investment professionals in more than 20 countries. Its focus is on equities but it also invests in fixed interest and other asset types. It was awarded the Elite Provider for Equities Rating in 2016 and 2017.


Fund Manager

Paul Causer and Paul Read head up Invesco’s renowned fixed interest team and have managed this fund since its launch in 1999. Both are well respected in the industry. Ciaron Mallon has run the equity portion since October 2013. He has also had considerable success running similar equity income mandates during his time at Invesco.


The fund's flexible approach allows us to actively exploit opportunities in varying market conditions.

Paul Read - Fund Manager

The Investment Process

Paul and Paul consider both economic and bond-specific factors. They look to add value through anticipating changes in the monetary environment, as well as through credit analysis. They prefer cheaply-valued bonds. The equity portion also considers macroeconomic themes, but with an emphasis on being able to provide a high and stable level of income.


The fact that this fund can hold up to 20% in equities makes it more risky than its peers. In addition, the emphasis on generating income for investors means the fund will typically have a larger allocation to high yield bonds than higher quality bonds, but the managers keep a diligent eye on valuations.

Our Opinion

The strength and depth of Invesco’s fixed income team set this fund apart from many of its sector peers. The fact that the fund can, and, often does, have a 20% allocation to equities is a genuine differentiator. For investors seeking monthly income, this fund deserves consideration.

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