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Threadneedle UK Equity Income

Elite Rated by FundCalibre

Threadneedle UK Equity Income is a contrarian value fund co-managed by the highly experienced Richard Colwell. The fund has been very consistent, beating its sector average every year for the past five years.

Company Description

Columbia Threadneedle Investments is the global brand name of the Columbia and Threadneedle group of companies, which are owned by the US financial services firm, Ameriprise Financial. Its focus is on equities and fixed income, but the company also manages cash and property assets. It has an international presence spanning 18 countries across UK, Europe, US and Asia.


Fund Manager

Richard Colwell started his career at the Bank of England in 1990. In 1994 he joined Schroders before moving to Credit Suisse and then Aviva. In 2010 he joined Threadneedle and is also the sole manager of the UK Growth & Income and Managed Income funds.


For us cash is king. We look for high returns and strong cash generation, which enable a company to fund its own growth and meet its own capital expenditure requirements.

Richard Colwell - Fund Manager

The Investment Process

This is a contrarian fund looking for undervalued stocks, looking at the general macroeconomic environment but also using stock selection. They avoid speculative stocks, which are currently fashionable and have short-term momentum. Instead, the managers look for unloved companies with the ability to sustainably grow their dividends. Richard believes in being patient and not over trading. He has a ‘think active, act lazy’ philosophy, aiming to have conviction with all his investments and he is not afraid to ignore whole parts of the market.


The manager is very focused on capital preservation. Although the fund is concentrated, the funds largest investments will be into strong well-diversified businesses. The fund typically has volatility which is slightly higher than that of the index.

Our Opinion

Richard is an extremely experienced manager. Despite the success of the fund, he is very humble, something which is always a positive. The fund has a patient high conviction approach and has proven to be extremely consistent.

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