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Investment features focus on a specific asset class, sector, region or investment area of interest, which ranges from comparing investing styles or strategies to exploring new opportunities.

Income investments that will last

Will Chinese year of the rooster leave investors crowing, or with egg on their face?

Europe extends stimulus after Italy votes no

Investment feature archive

8 December - Europe extends stimulus after Italy votes 'no'

24 November 2016 - Income hunting: Asian equities and bonds - Asia isn't the first place people think of when it comes to income investing and, at first glance, Trump's abandonment of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) this week doesn't bode well for the region. But in both cases there may be more than meets the eye.

13 October 2016 - Why own property funds - After a surge in redemptions following the Brexit vote, many property funds were forced to suspend trading. Most are now re-opening, including the Elite Rated Henderson UK Property. So how has this affected our views on property funds?

14 September 2016 - Bonds not built to last: short duration

9 August 2016 - The tax bill that just made investing in India more exciting - India is an interesting investment proposition. The demographics are great and it is a very entrepeneurial society. Although a messy democracy has stifled past growth opportunities, prime minister Modi has done a lot to address this

3 August 2016 - Energy investing right now: pros and cons

21 July 2016 - Gold: the investor's marmite - Gold is a bit like marmite. Some investors love it and some hate it. As an investor, would you rather own cash – of which you know the central banks can print an infinite amount - or would you rather own something which is finite and can’t be reproduced?

6 July 2016 - Five funds to help you invest in emerging markets - With one month to go until the 2016 Olympics kick off in Brazil, there have been a number of reasons to get excited about emerging markets this year. Five of FundCalibre's top 10 Elite Funds for the first half of 2016 were invested there.

19 May 2016 - How should you invest in the US this year? - Powerhouse companies like Facebook and Apple seem to offer proof the US really is the “land of opportunity” where anyone with a dream and the dedication to see it through can become a superstar. But is it time to look at the US with a fresh focus?

6 May 2016 - Should you invest in value or growth stocks? - When it comes to choosing investments, you may often notice a fund is described as having a 'value' or a 'growth' bias, but what does this really mean? And is one style truly superior to the other? We take a look.

28 April 2016 - Is now a good time to buy a Japan fund? - After a dreadful start to the year, Japanese shares spent most of April recovering nicely. All five of our Elite Rated Japan equities funds were among the top 10 Elite Rated performers. At the last minute, however, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) threw a spanner in the works.

April 2016 - How to invest in property without the mortgage - UK investors have had a long love affair with property. Buy-to-let loans have seduced young and old and skyrocketing prices have fuelled the fire. But there’s another way to get into the market – through a property fund.

March 2016 - Will gold go higher in a volatile market? - Gold has been the best-performing asset class in 2016 and is up 22% year-to-date. Will gold continue to shine though?

February 2016 - China leads market falls, but is now the time to invest?

February 2016 - What is the best way to make money out of oil? - With the price of oil having fallen as low as US$28 a barrel last month, the question on many investors lips is should I buy oil?. If so, how?

January 2016: The importance of income - Where to look for investment income, why it is important to consider both its yield and sustainability, and a look at income opportunities both globally and outside of the equity sector.

December 2015: Abenomics third anniversary - A look into the 'three arrows' policy under Abenomics and how they have addressed the issues at hand before Abenomics

November 2015: India - We discuss the reasons for and against investing in India after the recent bumpy ride in emerging markets

October 2015: Property - The average return for the IA Property sector was a positive 0.76%. Now, this sector is a real mish-mash of different types of fund, so we have to be a bit careful when looking at averages

September 2015: Active vs Passive Investment - Why the advantages of active fund management will always go well beyond those of passive fund management

August 2015: China, Gold and Emerging Markets - Summer break for the markets? Not so for China,Gold and Emerging Markets

July 2015: Europe - Concerns over Greece's eurozone status and other factors that may define the road ahead for countries in the EU

June 2015: Targeted Absolute Return - Bond prices fell, due to negative investor sentiment, after Draghi's press briefing last week. We explore why targeted absolute return may be option for investors

May 2015: Active versus passive fund management - We compare the two approaches and look at the issues involved

April 2015: Where is there value? - The markets have enjoyed benefits from the quantitative easing. We look at value opportunities

March 2015: Europe and Quantitative Easing - Draghi finally persuaded European Union members of the necessity for quantitative easing. We look at how the process will unfold and how stock sectors will be affected

February 2015: Emerging markets - How emerging markets have fared since beginning their price recovery from the financial crisis meltdown

January 2015: UK equities - Investment for income-seeking investors: where to look

December 2014: Value managers are never wrong, just early - we look at timing your investments correctly in value-driven funds

November 2014: Targeted Absolute Returns - Various global ongoings have led to an increase in the volatility in equity markets. We look at whether targeted absolute return funds can provide a solution to the dilemma the volatility has caused

October 2014: The Bill Gross Effect - With liquidity a major issue for bond traders since the Lehman crisis, TwentyFour Asset Management give their take on the departure from PIMCO of 'King of bonds', Bill Gross

September 2014: St Leger's Day - We look at the infamous saying 'Sell in May, and go away, come back on St Leger's Day' and whether the strategy works

August 2014: European markets - Two years on from Mario Draghi's commitment to saving the euro, we ask fund managers how European markets have fared since

July 2014: US equities - As the US stock markets reached all-time highs back in November 2013, talk began of asset bubbles and market corrections. We look at the picture today

June 2014: Equity income - After Neil Woodford's announcement that he would be leaving Invesco Perpetual to set up his own equity income fund, we look at equity income's appeal to investors

May 2014: Strategic bonds - How quantitative easing and liquidity impact the sector