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We chat with our Elite Rated managers and ask them what they're currently buying or selling in their funds, their views on the economy and how they're navigating different market trends or challenges.

Are smaller companies a better way to play the US market?

Daring to be different

Did China miss the chance to learn from its mistakes?

Interview archive

22 June 2017 - “Don't invest in countries where they don't wear pullovers in winter”

9 June 2017 - 100 months of low interest rates has boosted UK stocks, by Standard Life Investments UK Equity Income Unconstrained fund manager Thomas Moore

1 June 2017 - UK election just a sideshow to Brexit, by Jupiter Distribution fund managers Alastair Gunn and Rhys Petheram

24 May 2017 - Finding a balance between caution and growth, by Investec portfolio manager Alastair Mundy

1 May 2017 - Trump turns 100 … has he made a difference? By Rathbone asset allocation strategist Ed Smith.

21 April 2017 - Jupiter Merlin funds update: inflation & value, by John Chatfeild-Roberts and the Jupiter Merlin team

4 April 2017 - Mind the Trump gap, by Jupiter Strategic Bond fund manager Ariel Bezalel

31 March 2017 - Will Article 50 impact your investments?

24 March 2017 - From Kenya to Brazil to Egypt: opportunities in emerging market bonds, by Standard Life Investments Emerging Market Debt manager Richard House

22 March 2017 - Will India do well in 2017?

20 March 2017 - How to invest when bonds and equities are expensive, with Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust manager Bruce Stout

24 February 2017 - Speed dating with five Elite Income managers

14 February 2017 - How to invest for income over time, with Fidelity Global Dividend's Dan Roberts

18 January 2017 - Inflation at highest rate in 2.5 years, with Neptune UK Mid Cap manager Mark Martin

17 January 2017 - A different view on ‘quality’ investing, with Guinness Global Equity Income's Dr Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page

2 January 2017 - M&G Optimal Income’s 10th anniversary, with manager Richard Woolnough

28 December - The infrastructure companies trumped by Trump

22 December - “2017 could be tough”: 7 key themes - Rathbone Strategic Growth Portfolio manager David Coombs offers his outlook

9 December 2016 - What does the Putin/Trump 'bromance' mean for Russian equities? Charlemagne Capital's lead portfolio advisor in EMEA markets, Stefan Herz, offers his perspective

8 December 2016 - Will UK investors get good dividends in 2017? Fidelity's Elite Rated equity income managers Dan Roberts and Michael Clark discuss

28 November 2016 - Bonds due to mature soon could hold the key to navigating volatile markets in 2017, says Elite Rated AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration fund manager Nicolas Trindade

17 November 2016 - Emerging markets update with Lazard Emerging Market fund manager James Donald

9 November 2016 - US election: What the fund managers are saying

8 November 2016 - The sweet spot between cash and bonds? James Mahon, manager of Elite Rated Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies, investigates.

24 October 2016 - It's definitely not grim up North! UK companies defying the odds, with Elite Rated Jupiter UK Growth fund manager Steve Davies

5 October 2016 - Investing in entrepreneurial India, with Prashant Khemka, manager of Elite Rated Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio

4 October 2016 - Investing in Asia's growing middle class, with Sharat Shroff, manager of Elite Rated Matthews Asia Pacific Tiger

26 September 2016 - Beyond Brexit: Remaining focused on valuations, with Nick Kirrage, manager of Elite Rated Schroder Recovery

23 September 2016 - What to do when oil dividends dry up, with Stephen Bailey, manager of Liontrust's Elite Rated Macro UK Growth and Macro Equity Income funds

22 September 2016 - US interest rates and the election: should investors worry? Elite Rated M&G Global Dividend's manager Stuart Rhodes discusses

17 August 2016 - Speed-dating with six Elite managers

9 August 2016 - Negative yielding bonds: An investment guaranteed to lose you money?

13 July 2016 - Brexit aftermath: Growth and inflation prospects for the UK, with Mike Amey, managing director at Elite Bond Provider PIMCO

7 July 2016 - Brexit: Why sterling high yield bonds are at risk, with M&G's bond team

2 July 2016 - Plotting a path through Brexit uncertainty, with Elite Rated Liontrust Special Situations and UK Smaller Companies funds' co-manager Anthony Cross

1 July 2016 - Could you reduce your carbon investment footprint? Edentree's Neville White explores.

28 June 2016 - Life after Brexit: the views of a Danish global equity income manager, with Elite Rated Artemis Global Income's Jacob de Tusch-Lec

27 June 2016 - Brexit: what the fund managers are saying

16 June 2016 - Weather-proofing a portfolio and making new flavours for ice-cream, with James Thomson, co-manager of Elite Rated Rathbone Global Opportunities

6 June 2016 - Don't tar all Chinese companies with the same brush, with Mike Shiao, co-manager of Elite Rated Invesco Perpetual Hong Kong & China fund

26 May 2016 - Japanese & German governments should take as much money as they can and spend, with Nigel Thomas, manager of Elite Rated AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities

24 May 2016 - The US spent $3,000 billion on healthcare in 2014. Where did it go? We speak with Robert Kaynor, Director of US mid- and small-cap equities at Schroder

23 May 2016 - Making money out of used cars, with Elite Rated Brown Advisory US Flexible Equity's Hutch Vernon

19 May 2016 - Extraordinary monetary policy is a necessary evil, with Elite Rated Woodford Equity Income's Neil Woodford

19 May 2016 - India ray of sunshine amid gloomy global outlook, with Elite Rated Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio's Prashant Khemka

19 May 2016 - China's futile fight, bond insanity and a housing bubble down under, with Elite Rated Artemis Strategic Assets' William Littlewood

18 May 2016 - Six lessons learned over 20 years of fund management

16 May 2016 - The case for investing in the US

10 May 2016 - The value exception that proves the rule, with Elite Rated Man GLG Undervalued Assets' Henry Dixon

9 May 2016 - Not all absolute return funds are equal, with Church House's Sam Liddle

6 May 2016 - Investing in equity 'fixer uppers', with Elite Rated Investec UK Special Situations' Alastair Mundy

21st April 2016 - Don't worry about Brexit: it won't happen, with Elite Rated Old Mutual UK Alpha's Richard Buxton

19th April 2016 - Quantitative easing, Brexit and banks with a Jupiter-hosted panel

18th April 2016 - US politics has gone from the ridiculous to the absurd, with Elite Rated Legg Mason ClearBridge US Aggressive Growth's Evan Bauman and Woodford Equity Income's Neil Woodford

16th April 2016 - How to achieve contrarian growth with low volatility, with Elite Rated Investec Cautious Managed's Alastair Mundy

12th April 2016 - Richard Sennitt and Matthew Dobbs, managers of Elite Rated Schroder Asian Income and Schroder Asian Alpha Plus respectively, discuss Asia's long, slow turnaround

22nd March 2016 - Ariel Bezalel, manager of Elite rated Jupiter Strategic Bond fund, discusses the potential global impact of 'Brexit' - Ariel discusses why he believes 'Brexit' could spark significant global market volatility

18th March 2016 - Elite Rated Franklin UK Mid Cap's Paul Spencer discusses opportunities past, present and future

17th March 2016 - Richard Woolnough, lead manager of Elite Rated M&G Optimal Income, discusses key investor issues and his view on world growth

9th March 2016 - Stephen Bailey discusses Liontrust's Elite Rated Liontrust Macro Equity Income & Liontrust Macro UK Growth funds

8th March 2016 - Niall Gallagher, manager of GAM Star Continental European Equity, offers his thoughts on Europe

4th March 2016 - Felicia Hjertman, of the Elite Rated Baillie Gifford Japanese fund investment team, on current forces for change in Japan

3rd March 2016 - Bryn Jones provides an update on the market outlook and the positioning of Elite Rated Rathbone Ethical Bond

1st March 2016 - Richard Sennitt, manager of Elite Rated Schroder Asian Income, offers his views on what's happening in China and the outlook for Asian markets in the year ahead

29th February 2016 - Andrew Friend, head of UK Property Distribution, discusses Elite Rated Henderson UK Property Trust and provides an update on the UK property market

10th February 2016 - Mike Amey, managing director and portfolio manager at PIMCO, discusses the issues facing the Bank of England as it contemplates increasing interest rates

5th February 2016 - Insurance: it's not all about meerkats and robots - Nick Martin, manager of Elite Rated Polar Capital Global Insurance, discusses the non-life insurance sector and the companies he likes, as well as the potential impact of Brexit

1st February 2016 - Mark Holman, CEO at TwentyFour Asset Management, discusses the company's market views and the performance of Elite Rated TwentyFour Dynamic Bond

1st February 2016 - Richard Woolnough, manager of M&G's Elite Rated Optimal Income, Strategic Corporate Bond, and Corporate Bond funds, discusses China, oil and allocation within the Optimal Income fund

1st February 2016 - Nervous markets call for a calm approach - Jupiter's John Chatfeild Roberts outlines some of the opportunities and risks in the current market environment, as well as the importance of patience when investing over the long term

19th January 2016 - James Thomson, manager of Elite Rated Rathbone Global Opportunities, discusses how his fund performed in 2015 and what he sees as the key risks and opportunities for the year ahead

19th January 2016 - Hugh Yarrow, co-manager of the Elite Rated Evenlode Income fund, discusses three income stocks that can ride short-term pain for long-term gain

13th January 2016 - Michael Clark, co-manager of Fidelity’s Elite rated Moneybuilder Balanced and Enhanced Income funds, discusses the outlook for UK equities in 2016

16th December 2015 - Interest Rates Finally Rise in the US – Initial reaction from a selection of market commentators

11th December 2015 - Four Elite Rated fund managers, from Jupiter Asset Management, give their views on the outlook for the markets in 2016

10th December 2015 - Ian Spreadbury, manager of the Elite Rated Fidelity Strategic Bond fund and co-manager of the Elite rated Fidelity MoneyBuilder Balanced fund, gives his views on the outlook for bonds in 2016.

26th November 2015 - Steven Andrew, fund manager of the Elite Rated M&G Episode Income, gives us his views on the outlook for 2016

18th November 2015 - Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh from Liontrust Special Situations fund discuss the past decade of investing and talk about a new fund, which will launch in the spring of 2016.

12th November 2015 - Richard Buxton, CEO and fund manager of Elite Rated Old Mutual UK Alpha, and Mark Holman, CEO and one of the managers of the Elite Rated TwentyFour Dynamic Bond fund, gave their thoughts on the outlook for equities and bonds

12th November 2015 - Steven Andrew, fund manager of Elite Rated M&G Episode Income, shared his thoughts on the investment environment today and where he is finding opportunities

8th November 2015 - Nigel Bolton, Head of European Equities at BlackRock, gives us his thoughts on what's in store for Europe as the year draws to a close

1st November 2015 - A day in the life of Prashant Khemka, manager of Elite Rated GS India Equity Portfolio and CIO of emerging market equities for Goldman Sachs

29th September 2015 - Neville White, head of Socially Responsible Investing Policy and Research at EdenTree, discusses the investment opportunities and responsible investing issues to be found in the global shipping sector.

24th September 2015 - James Mahon, co-manager of the Elite Rated Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies, discusses his fund

23rd September 2015 - Steve Davies, manager of Elite Rated Jupiter UK Growth, discusses where he is finding opportunities in UK equities today

18th September 2015 - Dan Harlow, manager of the Elite Rated AXA Framlington American Growth, discusses sectors he currently likes

2nd September 2015 - Simon Brazier, manager of the Elite Rated Investec UK Alpha, discusses why he believes UK equities should have a prominent place in an investment portfolio

27th August 2015- Hugh Young, Managing Director of Asian equities at Aberdeen, shares his thoughts on China

25th August 2015- Ariel Bezalel, manager of the Elite Rated Jupiter Strategic Bond, gives his thoughts on the global stock market crash and an update on how the fund is positioned.

20th August 2015- Hugh Yarrow, co-fund manager of the Elite-Rated Evenlode Income Fund, spoke to us about the impact of the troubles in China and Greece on UK Investors, on the Evenlode Income portfolio, and his views on UK Equities going forward.

29th July 2015 - Last week, Chris Taylor, manager of Elite Rated Neptune Japan Opportunities, popped into our offices for an update.

29th July 2015 The US central bank and Greece are causing headaches in the bond market, but select opportunities remain, says Elite Rated Ariel Bezalel.

29th June 2015 As Greece continues to dominate the headlines, here are the thoughts of Mark Holman, CEO of TwentyFour Asset Management.

29th June 2015 - Paul O'Connor, Co-Head of Henderson's Multi-Asset Team, discusses Greece's decision to call a bailout referendum on 5 July.

22nd June 2015 - Sam Slator, head of communications, reports back after an update with Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities co-manager, Dr Dan Mahony.

18th June 2015 - Giles Hargreave, co-manager of Elite Rated Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth, talks to us about the fund and the outlook for micro-cap companies.

16th June 2015 - Peter Meany, the manager of Elite Rated First State Global Infrastructure fund since its inception in 2007, talks us through their investment ideas and outlook for the area.

20th May 2015 - Richard Buxton, manager of Elite Rated Old Mutual UK Alpha, argues that the general election result, while good for the UK economy, may not be good for the United Kingdom.

8th May 2015 - David Coombs, manager of the Elite Rated Rathbone Strategic Growth Portfolio, shares his views on markets and tells us why he feels more like an old fashioned balanced fund manager than a multi-asset investor right now.

7th May 2015 - 'Back to Basics', was a political campaign used by the then Prime Minister, John Major, back in 1993. As a coincidence, although for very different reasons, it was also a phrase used by Carl Stick, manager of Elite Rated Rathbone Income fund, when we met him today, 7th May 2015. Election day.

5th May 2015 - David Page, senior economist at AXA IM reviews the UK political outlook in the run up to this election. He also presents a framework to assess the impact of different electoral scenarios on the economy and financial markets.

31st March 2015 - Nicolas Trindade, manager of AXA Sterling Credit Short Duration Bond, gives FundCalibre his outlook view on interest rates, the forthcoming UK General Election and the fall in oil prices.

30th March 2015 - With the FTSE 250 having recovered the ground it lost in 2014, Paul Spencer, manager of the Franklin UK Mid Cap fund, talks about the current themes in his portfolio.

20th March 2015 - Andrew Rose, manager of the Elite Rated Schroder Tokyo fund, explores whether Japan is the Land of Rising Returns.

23rd February 2015 - John Bennett, manager of the Elite Rated Henderson European Focus and Henderson European Selected Opportunities funds, examines how European equities will fare in 2015.

19th February 2015 - Hugh Young, manager of the Elite Rated Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity fund and Aberdeen Global Asian Smaller Companies fund, discusses Asia's economic prospects.

11th February 2015 - Co-manager of the Elite Rated Jupiter UK Growth fund, Steve Davies, discusses the investment case for UK banks.

2nd February 2015 - John Chatfield-Roberts, manager of the Elite Rated Jupiter Merlin Balanced fund, discusses 2015 investment themes: oil, bonds and a stronger dollar. 30th January 2015 - Woodford Investment Management site visit to Babcock's Devenport Royal Dockyard. Here we get an insight into what these meetings mean.

10th December 2014 - Manager of the Elite Rated Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity, Jonathan Pines, talks Chinese internet stocks, Korean cyclicals and whether India’s stock market will continue to benefit from government reforms.

24th November 2014 - Global credit markets have had a strong year so far in 2014, with equity-beating returns. The question for investors must be: what is next for corporate bonds? Does value still lie in corporates – and what is the outlook for yields? Ian Spreadbury, Fidelity Strategic Bond, examines.

12th November 2014 - Jeremy Gleeson, fund manager, of the Elite Rated AXA Framlington Global Technology fund outlines why technology companies appear good value and highlights stocks to take advantage of key themes in the sector, following a broadly successful earnings season.

3rd September 2014 - Three years ago, the price of gold bullion hit an all-time high. Since then the asset class has seen sharp falls and high volatility. Darius talks to Evy Hambro, manager of the Elite Rated BlackRock Gold & General fund, about gold investments in 2014.

12th August 2014 - Following a strong run for bond markets, we are more defensive and selective, says Ariel Bezalel, manager of the Elite Rated Jupiter Strategic Bond fund.

4th July 2014 - Stephen Bailey, co-manager of the Elite Rated Liontrust Macro Equity Income and Liontrust Macro UK Growth funds, shares his thoughts on why he and his colleagues believe AstraZeneca is undervalued.

16th June 2014 - Devan Kaloo, Head of Global Emerging Markets at Aberdeen Asset Management, talks to FundCalibre about recent emerging market woes, and whether the outlook for the asset class has improved.

11th June 2014 - Paul Read, co-manager of the Elite Rated Invesco Perpetual Corporate Bond, High Yield and Monthly Income funds , provides his insight on when central banks will raise interest rates and where there are opportunities in fixed interest markets.

31st May 2014 - Fund Managers are often accused of being permanently positive about the asset class in which they invest. Not so. In this very frank insight article, John Wood, manager of the Elite Rated JOHCM UK Opportunities fund shares his very downbeat views on the current state of the UK economy.

12th May 2014 - Nigel Thomas, manager of the Elite Rated AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunties, discusses some companies that are coping well with, and making the most of disruptive technologies and new trends.