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1 December 2016

FundCalibre advent: 24 Elite Funds

By Sam Slator, Communications Director

The first of December is upon us! At the office, we've just strung up the tinsel and dusted off the fairy lights, while this morning's tree delivery has brought with it the delectable scent of fresh pine needles.

Meanwhile, on the home front, I'm sure I can't be the only parent who has been handed a rather ambitious 'Father Christmas list' from their children. So if you're looking for stocking stuffers, what about a fund or two for their Junior ISA account?

Okay, it might not get quite the delighted reaction you're hoping for on Christmas morning, but when you can present them with the money for a first car or a round-the-world airline ticket on their 18th birthday, they'll probably forgive you!

We've put together a FundCalibre advent calendar. Here are 24 of our Elite Funds, which could make an excellent Christmas gift this year! Or invest in your own ISA today and start saving for Christmases to come!!

1st December - Investec UK Alpha

This is a well-diversified core UK equity holding. Manager Simon Brazier and his team aim to buy quality companies that consistently create value for shareholders. Learn more.

2nd December - Royal London Corporate Bond

This fund offers access to a portfolio of predominantly, but not exclusively, investment grade corporate bonds. The manager has, over a long period of time, proved adept at delving into parts of the fixed income market where others fear to tread and identifying issues that offer superior risk-adjusted returns. Learn more.

3rd December - R&M UK Equity Long Term Recovery

Finding the companies that are yet to deliver their promise is the aim of this fund. Manager Hugh Sergeant holds a large portfolio of these out-of-favour companies, where he believes the management have the capability to turn things around. Learn more.

4th December - Schroder US Mid Cap

Run out of New York by Jenny Jones and her team of analysts, the fund has a small and mid-cap focus and aims to beat its index by 2-3% per annum. The investment process is underpinned by in-depth stock level analysis, which has led to superior stock selection, and this has driven performance. Learn more.

5th December - Aviva Investors High Yield Bond

This fund predominantly invests in UK and European bonds, but it can also invest further afield. The team pursues total return rather than simply targeting the highest yield. Learn more.

6th December - Neptune Japan Opportunities

Manager Chris Taylor has very strong individual views, which are reflected in his high conviction fund that invests in the Japanese stock market. Learn more.

7th December - Lazard Emerging Markets

Lazard aims to use its 230-strong team of investment analysts to identify the global brands of tomorrow in developing regions. The team take a stock selection-based approach to achieve this, as well as using market volatility created by macroeconomic concerns to time trading opportunities. Learn more.

8th December - First State Global Listed Infrastructure

The fund seeks to deliver income and some capital growth by investing in listed infrastructure companies. First State has been one of the pioneers in providing access to this asset class, which has quickly captured the attention of income-focused investors in a low yield environment. Learn more.

9th December - BlackRock Gold & General

This highly specialist fund invests in gold mining equities and other precious metal shares. BlackRock have a pedigree running this type of mandate, with the experienced manager, Evy Hambro, supported by a team of gold experts. Learn more.

10th December - Invesco Perpetual Hong Kong & China

This concentrated fund offers investors access to a multi-cap portfolio of Hong Kong and Chinese equities. Run by two experienced managers and a team based in Hong Kong, the fund focuses on fundamental company research, which has resulted in strong stock selection and outperformance in the past. Learn more.

11th December - Aberdeen Emerging Markets Bond

Aberdeen Emerging Markets Bond fund is exceptionally well resourced. The team has access to around 70 specialists worldwide in seven offices. The fund has been around since 2012, but its offshore sister fund, using the same strategy, has shown consistent results since 2001. Learn more.

12th December - Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

The boutique Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders team have reaped enormous rewards for their investors over the past ten years by investing in sustainable, high quality companies for the long term. Learn more.

13th December - M&G Optimal Income

M&G are perhaps the biggest name in the UK fixed income space and this is their flagship offering. This “go anywhere” fund has a flexible mandate, which enables the manager to shift the interest rate exposure and to invest across the credit spectrum. Learn more.

14th December - BlackRock European Dynamic

This fund invests in companies of all shapes and sizes across Europe. Given the size of the fund, it is relatively concentrated in around 50 stocks. The manager looks for companies that are either undervalued and/or have good growth potential. Learn more.

15th December - Jupiter Merlin Growth

This is a high conviction, multi-manager fund of funds run by one of the most respected teams in London. The majority of the portfolio is often held in the top five fund holdings, although underlying stocks remain plentiful and diversified. Learn more.

16th December - Premier Multi Asset Growth & Income

This fund is designed to grow investors' capital over the long term, while paying a modest and rising income. It will aim to provide equity-like returns with less volatility through a multi-asset, diversified portfolio. Manager David Hambidge has more than 25 years of experience. Learn more.

17th December - Rathbone Strategic Growth Portfolio

Manager David Coombs and his team run this fund, which is one of the new breed of funds that target risk and then look to maximise returns. They follow a multi-asset approach and have outcome-focused investment objectives. They are unconstrained by benchmarks and sector peers. Learn more.

18th December - SVS Church House Tenax Absolute Return Strategies

This is a multi-asset fund, which invests directly in assets, rather than using the fund of fund route. It targets positive returns over rolling 12-month periods and LIBOR +4% over rolling 3-year periods. Learn more.

19th December - Smith & Williamson Enterprise

This product is a long/short equity fund that invests primarily in the UK. The fund has been designed to provide equity-like performance but with fewer ups and downs. The managers use a wide range of trusted sources to identify investment themes and stock ideas, and it is these that drive performance. Learn more.

20th December - F&C Real Estate Securities

This fund provides access to a portfolio of real estate securities listed in the UK and Europe. F&C is one of the bigger players in this space and run several other similar mandates. Consequently, they have one of the best resourced and most experienced teams in European listed real estate. Learn more.

21st December - Standard Life Investments UK Ethical

This fund encapsulates the best ideas from the experienced team at Standard Life Investments, which manager Lesley Duncan uses alongside a ‘no compromises’ ethical screening. Lesley will have between 50 and 100 holdings, and will look to keep them for three to five years, expecting them to grow in value, and also provide some income, though this isn’t the key focus. Learn more.

22nd December - Ashburton India Equity Opportunities

TThe fund’s objective is to achieve capital growth by investing in the Indian stock market. This fund is concentrated with a multi-cap philosophy, but is very focused on investing in companies that treat minority shareholders well. Learn more.

22nd December - GAM Star Continental European Equity

This fund invests in large companies, with the team preferring those they believe will grow faster than the index. The team look to buy stocks at the point where they are either out-of-favour or where growth prospects are believed not to be fully reflected in the stock price. Learn more.

23rd December - Charlemagne Magna Emerging Markets Dividend

This fund offers exposure to emerging market companies that pay higher-than-average dividends. This results in a slightly lower risk profile than peers and an attractive yield. Learn more.

24th December - Liontrust Macro UK Growth

The Liontrust Macro UK Growth fund has been very successful at applying its ‘top-down’ macroeconomic theme analysis approach. The emphasis here is more on capital growth, but with an element of income into the bargain. Learn more.

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