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In this section, we show the results from polls previously conducted by FundCalibre

Robo advice yet to resonate with 'real' people

May 2017 poll - results

May 2017 poll - results


1 March 2017 - In March, we asked FundCalibre investors a simple question: have you invested in an ISA this year? How many left it to the last minute?

February 2017 - With a record number of respondents, FundCalibre’s February poll* asked if you’d prefer to invest via open-ended funds or investments trusts. The results were neck and neck!

January 2017 - More than half of respondents identify buying a property as their main financial financial goal for 2017.

December 2016 - Emerging markets most popular despite Trump concerns

November 2016 - Junior ISA stocks & shares a clear favourite

October 2016 - Gold gets a thumbs-down

September 2016 - What investment adage most rings true to you?

August 2016 - What level of yield should an equity income fund be forced to pay?

July 2016 - Following the Brexit vote, what kind of UK equities are you more likely to buy?

June 2016 - In which area of property funds would you rather invest?

May 2016 - Do you think emerging market equities will outperform UK equities in 2016?

April 2016 - Will you 'sell in May and come back on St Leger's Day?'

March 2016 - As the referendum on Britain's place in the EU approaches, are you more likely to...

February 2016 - Which new ISA attribute is the most attractive to you?

January 2016 - In November, 70% said they are most likely to invest in equities in 2016. What type of equity fund will you choose?

December 2015 - How often do you review your portfolio?

November 2015 - In which type of fund are you most likely to invest in 2016?

October 2015 - Which process do you think is best for a fund undertaking responsible investment?

September 2015 - What was your most recent bond fund investment?

August 2015 - Which sector do you think will heat up over the rest of summer?