Sanlam FOUR Stable Global Equity awarded an Elite Rating

Sanlam FOUR Stable Global Equity has become the latest fund to be awarded an Elite Rating from FundCalibre.

It is just the seventh global equity fund to achieve the accolade out of 180 qualifying funds*, proving that not all funds are Elite.

Sanlam FOUR is an investment boutique and the fund is run by a small tight-knit team of experienced managers: Colin McQueen, Gregg Bridger, Stephen Walker and Lorenzo Dicorrado.

They like companies that have very little sensitivity to the economic environment in which they operate and tend to invest in a small number of companies for a very long time, which means the fund looks very different to the benchmark and its peers.

James Yardley, senior analyst, FundCalibre commented: “We particularly like this fund’s stringent quality requirements combined with its strict valuation discipline. The tight-knit but heavily experienced team all bring a unique perspective to the table. The fund size being very small, we believe this is a great hidden gem.”

*Number of funds in the IA Global sector whose managers have a minimum three year track record, as at 18th May 2016, according to FE Analytics.

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