T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity fund awarded an Elite Rating

T. Rowe Price Japanese Equity fund has been awarded an Elite Rating. Led by manager Archibald (Archie) Ciganer, the fund offers investors exposure to around sixty to one hundred Japanese companies of all sizes, although with a notable overweight to smaller firms.

The manager, who is based in Tokyo, fluent in Japanese and supported by a team of Japanese equity analysts, aims to find businesses he believes can deliver sustainable growth, before other investors recognise their potential.

Over the three and a half years Archie has been managing the fund, his ability to adapt to changing market conditions has helped him outperform across different environments.

T. Rowe Price was awarded the Elite Equities Provider Rating from FundCalibre in both 2016 and 2017 and this is their second fund to be Elite Rated.

Senior research analyst, James Yardley, commented: “The fund has been a consistently strong performer relative to its peers since Archie took it on. His strong contrarian approach has reaped rewards in finding investment opportunities before the rest of the market, and his focus on companies that are undergoing corporate change is well aligned with Japan’s current economic and political climate.”

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