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Don't let the labels put you off!
If you're not an investor, but you want to learn, you can select investor


FundCalibre has been designed to help investors validate their decisions.

We provide FREE in-depth research on a wide range of funds, as well as online tools, to help you build fund portfolios and monitor their performance.

Our Elite Fund Ratings are awarded only to those funds which our unique research identifies as being among the very best.

First-time investors may use FundCalibre to gain a better understanding of funds and investments, and perhaps use the Elite Fund Ratings to help them narrow down the, sometimes overwhelming, number of funds on offer.

More experienced investors, who know what type of fund they are looking for, can go straight to our fund filters to find Elite Rated funds. They may then use this information to validate their own choices, or as a basis for further research before investing.

Looking for a fund?

Go to our Find an Elite Rated fund page to browse different types of fund or search for something more specific. Use the handy filters at the side of the page, or the tile options, to help you narrow down your choices. You can even bookmark funds to review and compare in the future.

Note that FundCalibre makes no assumptions as to the suitability of any fund for you. Only you or your financial adviser can decide what the best investments are for you in light of your personal and financial circumstances.

Want to have a go at building your own portfolio?

Select a couple of Elite Rated funds you like the look of and add them to 'My Portfolio'. You can then play around, allocating different amounts to each fund, adding new funds or taking some away. You can even analyse the whole portfolio, and see how the different funds change your overall asset allocation and level of risk, to help you find a portfolio you like the look of, and which you believe may help you achieve your financial goals. If you want to save it and create more, you can. Simply set up an account to make sure your choices are available next time you visit FundCalibre.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about funds and investments, visit our Knowledge Centre, which contains FREE investment guides and information on all sorts of things investment-related.

Want to keep up to date with investment news?

If you are interested in the views of FundCalibre's research team, want to hear what fund managers have to say about topical issues, or simply want to be updated on any changes to a particular fund, visit our News & Views page and sign up to our monthly email newsletter.