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Latest Rated Funds

Following our latest round of extensive fund research, our quarterly investment committee has awarded the following funds and trusts with new ratings.

Our 4 Step Process

You can browse FundCalibre with the comfort of knowing that we have interviewed every manager, and every fund and trust has undergone a rigorous process to earn its Elite Rating or Radar status.

Step 1

We start with AlphaQuest, as outlined above. Only funds that pass this screen and whose managers show a high probability of continuing to deliver alpha over the next 12 months will proceed to the next step of our process.

Step 2

Those fund managers who pass the AlphaQuest test are then subjected to further detailed qualitative analysis. Our experienced research team will meet the fund manager to better understand and assess how their investment process and style gives them an edge over others.

Step 3

When we meet a manager, we grill them on their process and satisfy ourselves that they know what they’re doing. We identify their investment philosophy and drill down into their portfolio to check that it is consistent with that philosophy. We look at the team they have behind them and whether they have any constraints.

Step 4

Once this analysis has been completed, the research will be subject to peer group review within our team. Only then will those funds or trusts, whose managers we believe to be the most skilful, be awarded an Elite Rating.

Don’t just take our word for it

Since launch in 2014, FundCalibre has won a number of awards in the UK and internationally.
These awards have been for both the quality and reliability of our investment research, as well as our content.

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