Apprentice fund managers: you’re hired!

Darius McDermott 03/10/2018 in X Strategy

When there is a high profile or experienced manager at the helm of a fund, deputy managers can often be overlooked, yet their contribution can be very important to the success of the portfolio.

As Alan Sugar kicks off his annual search for The Apprentice, we take a look at some of the deputy managers on Elite Rated funds who are already making their mark.

Noelle Cazalis, Rathbone Ethical Bond

Before joining Rathbones in 2011, Noelle worked as a financial analyst for the Bank of France. She also spent five months in Cambodia, where she undertook due diligence on the Cambodian banking sector on behalf of the French Embassy.

She was made assistant manager in January 2016 and works with lead manager Bryn Jones on the Rathbone Ethical Bond fund. She also assists the Rathbone Multi-Asset Portfolio team with their bond investments.

Noelle’s in-depth credit analysis and expertise has proved integral across a number of Rathbones’ funds. David Coombs, manager of Rathbone Strategic Growth Portfolio, commented: “Noelle is great at finding specialist fixed income opportunities for my fund – long term holdings as well as more tactical plays.”

Chris Elliott, Evenlode Global Income

Chris joined Evenlode Investments in 2015. Prior to this, he spent five years working as a senior software engineer at Oxford University Press, following his graduation from Cambridge University with a Maths and Economics degree. He is an investment analyst for the Evenlode Income fund and co-manager of the Evenlode Global Income fund, which launched in November 2017.

Lead manager, Ben Peters, has an MSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London, as well as a Doctorate of Philosophy in Nano Electronics from the University of Oxford. When the group restructured in 2017, he became CEO of Evenlode Investments.

So it takes some gumption to be able to challenge Ben (which is what he wants from his co-manager) and to be his equal in a room of potential investors and journalists – which is what he did the first time we met him. We’ve been very impressed with his approach and ideas so far.

Charles De Quinsonas, M&G Emerging Markets Bond

Charles joined the M&G fixed interest team in May 2014 as an emerging market corporate bond specialist. He was made deputy fund manager of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond fund in September 2015.

Prior to joining M&G, Charles worked at Spread Research in Lyon and New York, where he spent four years analysing a variety of high yield and emerging markets industrial credits.

Working alongside an impressive lead manager, Claudia Calich, Charles has a deep knowledge of high yield credit and is more than holding his own in a complex asset class. He is very articulate, knows the intricacies of the market and speaks a number of languages.

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