Choosing investments for your Junior ISA

Choosing investments for your Junior ISA can be tough, and getting it right (or wrong) can have a huge impact on the value of your investments. We take a closer look at how investing in Elite Rated Jupiter European over the last 18 years would have compared to the average European equity fund and a cash account.

*Data from FE Analytics, total returns in sterling, 01 January 2001 to 31 December 2018
**Chart uses figures from 31 Dec of the listed year for illustrative purposes

The views of the author and any people interviewed are their own and do not constitute financial advice. However the knowledge that professional analysts have analysed a fund or trust in depth before assigning them a rating can be a valuable additional filter for anyone looking to make their own decisions. Before you make any investment decision make sure you’re comfortable and fully understand the risks. If you invest in fund or trust make sure you know what specific risks they’re exposed to. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. Remember all investments can fall in value as well as rise, so you could make a loss.