118. Could the US now take a leading role on the global environmental stage?

With just 20% penetration of renewables, 5% electric vehicles and the potential to cut emissions by 40% simply by making buildings more energy efficient, the environmental opportunities in the US are now plentiful according to David Harrison, manager of Rathbone Global Sustainability fund. He talks to us about this, opportunities in Asia, sustainable cities, semi-conductors, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
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Rathbone Global Sustainability can invest in companies of any size but will have a bias towards mid-caps. Manager David Harrison will actively avoid businesses involved in unethical or unsustainable practices. The exclusion criteria included are alcohol, animal testing, armaments, extraction of fossil fuels, gambling, nuclear power, pornography, tobacco and poor employment, environment and/or human rights practices. Each holding will also have to have at least one positive environmental, social or governance attribute.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • What a Biden presidency in the US means for environmental policy and investments [0:43]
  • Which US automakers are accelerating their electric vehicle programmes [2:39]
  • Where hydrogen may be used to make long-haul trucks greener [3:26]
  • Opportunities in Asia – specifically a small motor company in Japan [4:40]
  • Which UN Sustainable Development Goals play a prominent role in the fund’s positioning [6:09]
  • What a sustainable city is and the opportunities for investors [7:21]
  • The manager’s views on the global shortage of semi-conductors [10:41]
  • Why only 10% of some industries are digitalised and how this makes for interesting opportunities in the technology supply chain [12:33]
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