122. What hotel choices can tell you about company CEOs

Chris St John has managed the AXA Framlington UK Mid Cap fund since launch in 2011. In this podcast he talks to us about cross-border frictions post-Brexit and why the hotel choice of a CEO can be telling. He also touches on trends accelerated and started by the pandemic, M&A activity and why he thinks Dunelm and Pets at Home are good long term investments.
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AXA Framlington UK Mid Cap fund is unashamedly growth-orientated. While it naturally focuses on medium-sized companies, its manager will be pragmatic about including select opportunities from the smaller companies space, as well as letting mid-cap holdings grow. This flexibility to invest in the FTSE 100 and small cap space lets him run winners and invest early in strong growth stories.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • How WFH isn’t helpful in getting to know the real CEO of a company [0:22]
  • How cross-border friction post-Brexit is impacting UK companies in the short term [2:29]
  • Which trends have been accelerated by the pandemic including:
    • the demise of the high street [4:33]
    • pet ownership [5:08]
    • recruitment of staff from further afield [5:35]
  • Why you have to invest in the suppliers of green infrastructure, not pure renewables, in the FTSE 250 [6:10]
  • Which AIM stocks the manager likes [8:47]
  • Why the manager likes Dunelm [11:08]
  • Why Pets at Home is a good investment [13:41]
  • What is the annualised performance of the FTSE 250 over three decades [15:58]
  • Why M&A is interesting today [17:22]
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