125. Making money from snacks, lifts and Vietnamese dairy companies

Charlie Dutton, manager of Ninety One Asia Pacific Franchise, tells us why Asia is no longer a play on global growth, but is now full of quality companies that can grow no matter what the economic environment. He also discusses the increasing opportunities in ASEAN countries and explains why he sometimes invests in firms listed outside the Asia region. He ends the interview with an example of why the sheer scale of some Asian economies makes for interesting opportunities for investors.
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Ninety One Asia Pacific Franchise is a concentrated high conviction fund investing in quality growth companies. More than 55% of its value in its top ten holdings and the total portfolio only comprises around 30 stocks. Most of these are larger companies. The manager’s emphasis is on finding exceptional businesses through detailed fundamental research. He typically ignores more cyclical and lower quality parts of the market such as energy, materials, telecoms and utilities.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • What ongoing US/China trade tensions mean for wider Asia [0:20]
  • Why investors should consider Asian equities [1:37]
  • Why Asia is no longer a play on world growth – it has growth in its own right [2:24]
  • Which attributes the manager looks for in a company [3:17]
  • Why ASEAN countries don’t have many quality companies yet [4:56]
  • Why the manager invests in some companies listed outside of Asia [6:05]
    including Kone, the Finnish elevator manufacturer and ASML, the Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer [6:56]
  • How Asian companies have moved up the value chain to be world leaders and R&D specialists [8:11]
  • Why the scale of some Asian economies is so important for investors [11:26]
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