130. Making the most of investment opportunities in Asia

Richard Sennitt, the new lead manager for Schroder Asian Alpha Plus fund, talks to us about taking over the fund. He discusses the outlook for Asia, tells us which sectors and countries he favours, and gives his views on the ongoing trade wars between China and the US. He also tells us why US interest rates and bond yields should be less of an issue for Asia today and explains why Northern Asian economies have performed better than those in the south.
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Schroder Asian Alpha Plus has a flexible approach with few formal constraints. The manager looks to exploit stock market inefficiencies, and use some macro input, to build a concentrated portfolio of predominantly larger companies from the Asian region. Long-term manager Matthew Dobbs has recently retired and handed over duties to Richard Sennitt, who has been involved in the fund for a number of years. The investment approach has not changed.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

  • If the manager has made any changes to the portfolio since taking over the lead role [0:19]
  • If there is an overlap between this fund and Elite Rated Schroder Oriental Income and Schroder Asian Income [2:23]
  • The outlook for Asia and which parts of the market are expensive and which are showing good value [4:42]
  • Why North Asian countries have performed better than those in the South [7:01]
  • If the US bond yield and rising interest rates still have a negative impact on Asia [9:01]
  • The manager’s view on ongoing trade wars [11:00]
  • Which sectors the manager favours today [12:56]
  • Which countries the manager favours today [14:33]
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