71: From Latin American to the Middle East and Asia: which emerging market is best?

Kunjal Gala, co-manager of Hermes Global Emerging Markets SMID Equity talks to us about how some emerging markets – like Turkey, South Africa and Argentina - are going backwards in terms of economic development. He discusses how oil and metal producing Latin American and EMEA countries will find the move to a low carbon economy debilitating, how China wants to move up the value chain and how the pandemic could mean insurance emerges as a potential winner in emerging markets.
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Hermes Global Emerging Markets SMID Equity is a concentrated fund focusing on small and medium-sized companies across global emerging markets. The managers look for quality companies that are exhibiting compound growth and that earn more than their cost of capital over the long-term. Alongside this, they prefer talented company management, who act responsibly towards clients, stakeholders and minority shareholders.

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