95. If you had the chance to interview a fund manager, what would you ask?

To mark International Podcast Day, this week’s interview has been conducted by a real life investor, rather than your usual hosts. Dr Beth Vamvakas, who has been investing for about 10 years, talks to James Thomson, manager of Rathbone Global Opportunities fund, about online shopping, furlough schemes, healthcare and diagnostics, US elections, Brexit and wildfires – to find out how they all might impact her retirement savings.
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James likes investing in undiscovered, out-of-favour growth companies and holding them for the long term. Take Amazon, for example – it’s a company he has owned for the past decade. He likes simple, scalable businesses, with entrepreneurial and flexible management teams. Rathbone Global Opportunities fund is unconstrained, meaning its manager is free to invest in any company around the world, although he tends to stick to developed markets where he believes his skillset lies.

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What’s covered in this podcast:

• Investments in online shopping and helping companies compete with Amazon [1:10]
• How people are choosing to ‘take risk’ – preferring to see family rather than going to a supermarket [4:33]
• If the end of furlough schemes is a worry for investors [5:15]
• Investment in healthcare and tailored medicines [7:38]
• Diagnostics and investing in the equipment suppliers rather than guessing who will find the vaccine [9:46]
• How a Joe Biden victory in the US election could impact stock markets [10:48]
• If Brexit has influenced the portfolio’s holdings in UK firms [12:31]
• How much importance environmental, social and governance factors have in the make-up of the portfolio [13:53]

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