Optimism for sustainable investing and divesting in Microsoft

Staci West 05/10/2021

In this interview, Jamie Jenkins, manager of BMO Responsible Global Equity fund, talks to us about the teams long track record of engagement, sustainable finance and climate change. The fund looks to avoid unsustainable business practices but also to invest in companies where there are problems to be resolved.

We cover the following topics: 

  • recent engagement with Acuity Brands [0:34]
  • how the fund managers act as sustainability consultants [2:46]
  • why the fund recently divested in Microsoft [4:00]
  • opportunities within sustainable finance [7:03]
  • Jamie gives his views on the recent IPCC report and ‘code red for humanity’ [11:23]
  • Jamie gives our viewers reassurance that hope is not lost for climate change improvements [15:30]
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