Q3 2021: the recovery continues

Chris Salih 30/09/2021 in Best performing funds

At first glance, the top performing funds on FundCalibre this quarter are an eclectic bunch, with Indian, Japanese, UK, healthcare and global equity funds, all in the frame.

Unlike the second quarter of the year, when Brazilian equities and European real estate funds were the clear winners, the third quarter of the year saw a more varied mix of funds making it into the top ten.

The best performer was GSAM India Equity Portfolio, which, along with other Indian equity funds has been benefiting from continued domestic interest and increasing economic momentum over the summer months. It returned 14.81%* between the end of June and the end of September.

The underlying theme of the top ten performing Elite Rated funds and trusts during the third quarter, however, was the global recovery. “Both Japanese and smaller companies tend to do well when the global economy is doing well,” commented Ryan Lightfoot Aminoff, senior research analyst at FundCalibre.

Top ten performing Elite Rated funds and trusts in the third quarter of 2021:

RankFund/TrustPercentage returns in Q3*
1Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio14.81%
2FSSA Japan Focus12.91%
3Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability12.77%
4Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon9.35%
5Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust8.76%
6Liontrust UK Smaller Companies8.22%
7TM CRUX UK Special Situations7.68%
8LF Montanaro Better World7.65%
9Premier Miton Global Smaller Companies7.54%
10ASI Global Smaller Companies7.29%

Year to date, however, UK smaller companies dominate the top performers. Three specialist UK smaller companies funds and five UK multi-cap funds with a bias towards smaller companies are all in the top ten.

“The UK in general – but also UK smaller companies – have been unloved since 2016 due to Brexit uncertainty,” continued Ryan. “The outlook was finally starting to look better when Covid struck, and the home market never really had the chance to catch up with its global peers.

“But fast forward 12 months and our vaccine rollout’s been really good, we’ve got rid of the Brexit uncertainty, the government is being supportive of businesses and investors are returning to the UK market. The fact that valuations are still cheap also means that mergers and acquisitions have picked up, which has also helped small-caps.

“I expect UK smaller companies to continue to outperform as the reopening of the economy gathers pace.”

Top ten performing Elite Rated funds and trusts so far in 2021:

RankFund/TrustPercentage returns year to date**
1Liontrust UK Micro Cap39.41%
2Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio34.18%
3MI Chelverton UK Equity Growth31.46%
4Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability30.11%
5Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth28.69%
6TM CRUX UK Special Situations28.10%
7Slater Growth26.80%
8SVM UK Opportunities26.18%
9Liontrust UK Smaller Companies25.91%
10VT Downing Unique Opportunities25.53%


*Source: FE fundinfo, total returns in sterling, 30 June to 29 September 2021
**Source: FE fundinfo, total returns in sterling, 1 January to 29 Setpember 2021

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