Spring 2023: the funds gaining and losing their Elite Ratings

Juliet Schooling Latter 10/05/2023 in Best performing funds

Following its spring investment committee, FundCalibre has awarded five new Elite Ratings and one new Elite Radar badge.

Five newly Elite Rated funds:

BlackRock Global Unconstrained Equity

This is a concentrated, high conviction fund, targeting extraordinary companies across developed markets. Although relatively new, we think it has a sound philosophy and strategy with the added advantage of being able to access the immense resources of BlackRock, as well as being run by two top performing managers. Alistair Hibbert and Michael Constantis have delivered exceptional performance for investors throughout their careers, and we have no hesitation in backing them on this fund.

BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Balanced

Manager Simon Nichols has created this rock-solid global fund which uses themes to target the forces driving global change in markets. He does this by investing in what he calls “future facing business models” which have the ability to tap into megatrends in their respective industries. The fund predominantly invests in global equities, but also has an allocation to bonds. It has proven to be a very successful formula during Simon’s tenure on the fund.

BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income

This fund invests in equities, bonds and alternatives. It is unconstrained and flexible offering investors a stable and growing income, as well as capital growth. The team behind it is extremely competent at finding opportunities across various asset classes without overreaching for income. Since launching in 2015, the fund has been a consistently strong performer, whilst maintaining an attractive yield.

UTI India Dynamic Equity

UTI India Dynamic Equity fund invests in a mix of large, mid, and small-cap Indian companies. The investment process is based on quality, growth, and valuation, and the team conducts thorough on-the-ground research to identify and monitor companies with a high potential for significant market outperformance. The team’s expertise in the domestic market gives the fund a competitive edge and has helped contribute to the strong performance.

Waverton Multi-Asset Income

A strong performer since its launch in 2014, we like the collegiate approach behind the design of this fund, as well as the focus on managing downside risk. As a global multi-asset fund, it uses several asset classes for true diversification. The team is also experienced in the alternatives space, preferring to invest in real assets like infrastructure and renewables, all of which offer returns which are linked to inflation.

One new Elite Radar:

Invesco Tactical Bond

This is the most flexible fund in Invesco’s fixed income range. It is designed to capitalise on all the resources within the team and invest across the whole fixed-income opportunity set. The managers use an active style whereby risk can be continually adjusted according to market conditions and the level of return on offer. The fund can access the best ideas from across Invesco’s team, which has helped drive strong performance.

No funds lost their Elite Rating following this investment committee meeting.


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