Spring 2024: three funds gain Ratings

Juliet Schooling Latter 14/05/2024 in Basics, Best performing funds

Following its Spring investment committee meeting, FundCalibre has awarded one new Elite Rating and two new Elite Radar badges. The Invesco Bond Income Plus Limited Trust receives an Elite Rating, while WS Montanaro Global Select and Schroder Global Multi-Asset Cautious Portfolio both receive an Elite Radar badge. A further fund moves from Elite Rated to Elite Radar following a manager change.

One newly Elite Rated trust

Invesco Bond Income Plus Limited

Launched in 2003, the trust aims to provide capital growth and a high income by investing predominantly in high-yielding fixed income securities. Backed by the huge fixed income resource at Invesco, this closed-ended vehicle is a strong consideration for investors wanting access to the high yield market through a well diversified portfolio across countries and industries. The team have demonstrated their ability to manage risk through diversification, while also paying a consistent level of dividend for a number of years.

Two funds gain Elite Radar badge

The Elite Radar is a special badge for funds that may or may not not have the minimum three-year track record to pass FundCalibre’s AlphaQuest quantitative screen, but which are on the team’s watch list and are potential candidates for a full rating in the future

WS Montanaro Global Select

An unconstrained quality growth strategy, looking for the best of the best in developed markets small and mid-cap companies. Although the style of this fund has been out of favour recently, manager George Cooke is highly experienced and has a track record of delivering strong returns investing in both small and mid-cap companies. We believe this should see performance turn around and the fund is in good hands.

Schroder Global Multi-Asset Cautious Portfolio

The fund aims to provide capital growth and income by investing in a diversified range of assets and markets worldwide. Tapping into the huge resources within the multi-asset division at Schroders, the fund adopts a fettered approach by using Schroder’s own fundamental and systemic active solutions, alongside some passive positions, to build a cost-efficient portfolio for investors, with charges capped at 0.22%. It is a strong consideration for any investor looking for a cost-competitive active solution, with a strong focus on risk.

One fund moves from Rated to Radar

Matthews Pacific Tiger

This is a high-conviction, low turnover portfolio with an emphasis on domestically or regionally-oriented companies that stand to benefit from the long-term evolution and growth of the Asian consumer. Following lead manager Sharaf Shroff departure from the fund in December 2023, the research team met with fellow lead manager Inbok Seng who joined the fund after returning to Matthews Asia in 2019, having previously worked there from 2007 to 2015, with a stint at Seafarer Capital Partners in between. Due to the well-resourced specialist team at Matthews Asia, we are happy to move this fund to an Elite Radar.

One fund loses its Rating

JOHCM UK Dynamic — Alex Savvides, who has run this fund since 2008, has left the company so the fund must lose its Elite Rating.

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